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Desert Sky March 26, 2024
"Tavish and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous & an absolute pleasure to deal with! I have purchased and sold Gold and Silver, and I have always been treated very well at Allgood Coin---best prices buying & selling in all of Washington County, Utah, especially on graded coins / Pre-1933 American Gold Coins! Selections like the BEST Silver Bullion like Scottsdale Mint's 10oz & 100oz Stackers, to the best Gold & Silver that the Royal Mints (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, et al) have to offer, Allgood Coin have the best prices & selections of the COOLEST metals in town! If you love metals, I promise you will ABSOLUTELY love visiting Allgood Coin even if you're not interested or able to purchase metals right now.....seriously, you love's like a museum of metals, collectables & accessories that you can buy and take home! Note to Californians & Nevadans: There is NO SALES TAX on purchasing Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc., in Utah versus the communist occupied territories of California & Nevada-----HOW DARE these two communist states tax people when they escape the slave currency of the Federal Reserve Debt Notes and buy MONEY (Gold & Silver)!!!----it's immoral, imo!"
Desert Sky March 13, 2024
"Tavish and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous "
Stephen Linge February 17, 2024
"In all my years of collecting coins and visiting numerous coin shops across the country, and I have been to many, I am compelled to share my exceptional experience with Allgood Coins. Nestled in the heart of St. George Utah, this establishment stands out as an epitome of numismatic excellence. Led by the venerable Troy Nelson, whose unparalleled 50 years of expertise in the field shines through. Allgood Coins boasts an unparalleled selection and service. Mr. Nelson's encyclopedic knowledge extends beyond mere recognition of coins; his profound understanding of their varieties, errors, and historical significance adds depth to every transaction. Moreover, the warmth and camaraderie extended by Troy's son, Tavish Nelson, elevate the coin-collecting experience to new heights. Tavish's commitment to continuous learning, evident through his extensive training with the American Numismatic Association, enriches the already profound expertise of Allgood Coins. Tavish possesses a unique blend of charisma and genuine warmth that renders him instantly likeable and endearing to all who encounter him. Beyond his magnetic personality, Tavish has an innate knack for fostering deep connections, effortlessly instilling a sense of kinship and belonging. His approach transcends transactional interactions, as he embraces each individual with the sincerity and care befitting of family. In an industry often characterized by impersonal exchanges, Tavish's unwavering commitment to genuine connections and authentic relationships sets a commendable standard, ensuring that every interaction transcends mere commerce to become a memorable and enriching experience. Together, the Nelsons operate as a beacon of integrity in an industry often plagued by ambiguity. Their unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency, and customer satisfaction sets them apart from their peers. Unlike many dealers who prioritize profit over principle, Allgood Coins offers a refreshing approach, ensuring every transaction is characterized by trust, respect, and genuine care. Beyond the remarkable selection and service, it is the intangible warmth and trustworthiness exuded by the Nelsons that truly sets Allgood Coins apart. Despite the shop being a considerable distance from my home, 5 hours to be exact, the journey is always worthwhile, for it is not merely a place of commerce but a sanctuary for enthusiasts, where each visit leaves one with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Allgood Coins to fellow collectors, as it embodies the essence of numismatic excellence and integrity. Troy and Tavish, I commend you for your outstanding contributions to the hobby, and I eagerly anticipate many more enriching experiences at Allgood Coins."
Stephen Dennett December 23, 2023
Doug & Tricia Hounshell December 18, 2023
"This shop is the best in St.George. All the employees are always so kind and knowledgeable. "
Scott Billings December 10, 2023
"Excellent service - helped me out as soon as I entered the shop and were very attentive to my needs. Super friendly staff !! Very genuine !!"